The next thing I knew, I was flying

 ’94 US Military (Europe) Cycling Championships

There was a good crash during the Time Trial.  The course was set up so that as you zoomed down an old Air Force runway for a couple laps you had to make a 180deg. turn around some cones and go back down the other side of the runway.  The runway was very wide, so you could hit the turn with a fair amount of speed as long as you set up for the turn with care.  To make sure there was no confusion about the turn, there was a heavy steel  3' fence put up about 50m beyond the turn.  So you had plenty of time to make the turn, but you'd better make it.

One guy was darn serious about maintaining his tucked position as he gave it his all in the time trial.  His kept his torso low and flat over his bike and his head stayed down, glancing up from time to time.  I had already finished my ride and was just spectating when the guy next to me said, “That guy isn’t slowing down for the turn”.  I looked up and Mr. Tuck was sweeping past the cones marking the turn and heading absolutely full blast for the fence....oblivious.  We watched on, figuring that he'd look up, see the heavy metal fence and come to a screeching halt.  He wasn't looking up.

Still in his tuck, he smacked into that fence at full speed.  His bike stopped moving as if he'd hit a cement wall..  His forward motion continued unabated, however, if in somewhat a less organized fashion.  He didn't hit the ground for 10m.  He didn't stop rolling for 30m.  It was very impressive.

We ran down to lend aid.  Or harass him, depending on his condition.  He sat up and exclaimed "What happened?". 


Later he would remark, "...and the next thing I knew, I was flying".


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