If the glider moves, kill it

 At the ‘93 European Military Cycling Championships, a glider came down on the airstrip that was a major part of our race course.  As luck would have it though, he ended up about 40m in front of the start/finish, but well off of the beaten path so it wasn’t an obstacle.  The pilot got out of his big Plexiglas bubble, walked towards us and then past.  Casually heading off towards the buildings behind us.  Probably to phone home.  And for a mighty big tow truck.

Note that the race organizers had apparently secured a strong supportive effort from the Military Police ‘cause we had a bunch of them around, if not doing a heck of a lot.  

The glider just sat there.  About 200lb of gossamer thin aluminum and a big Plexiglas canopy fully opened over a tiny cockpit. But it was out of the way so we didn't pay it any mind.  

About 30 min went by.  Then suddenly a mess of MP vehicles came racing towards us and screeched to halts just to our front.  The leaped out of their cars, drew side-arms and raced for the open glider that, we'd come to ignore.

Apparently the glider was actually a Soviet stealth insertion platform with a fanatic Spetnaz death-squad hiding under the seatbelt.  With half of their force hunkered down behind cars and what-have-you, providing a base of fire with pistols, shotguns and even a few automatic weapons, they rushed the clearly unmanned glider, taking it totally by surprise.  It gave up without resistance.


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