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This exists for no good reason.  It started out as a means to simply learn a bit about web servers and publishing content.  I quickly found that I had no content.  The world is full of folks that are sure that their personal challenges and adventures are of general interest.  Our word for those suffering under this delusion is "teenagers".  But over the years, as the whim to work on this struck occasionally, I was able to come up with a few things that might be of some interest to extended family types, driving enthusiasts, fellow triathletes or those seeking only a rousing tale of misadventure.  And that is what follows.

If you have an ounce of testosterone you will glory in Track Tales and Performance Driving.  This, the latest obsession, is about taking your sedan and participating in a "driver's education" event at your nearest track.  Where they will give you an instructor for the weekend and you will have the greatest time you've ever had in your life.  You will find that it is one of the most difficult things you've every tried to do.  And far more exciting then anything you've ever done.  After a few weeks your coworkers will have to tell you to shut the heck up because they are sick of hearing your stories.

Race Tales includes rousing stories of victory (and defeat), where horrific crashes were cheated (on a good day) at every turn.  

The Cars tells various Scott-the-moron tales where he, over the years, destroyed perfectly serviceable cars.

Tales contains misadventures retold with various degrees of comedic success that didn't fit well in the other categories.

The "Genealogy"  database of Gress, Nims, Thress, Ehlers, Palm and Fleck now contains >10,000 names and several hundred photos.  

Army Stuff contains, cleverly, Army stuff.

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