Gress Family Tree and Photo Album

This site contains our family tree and pictures. The tree and the pictures are cross-linked: you can go from an individual in the family tree to his/her picture and vice versa.

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The "Family pages" (accessible via "Index") published here contain all the information that I have on German families that migrated to Ukraine.  Most of them are connected to the Gress family, but since they are not descendents of Matthias Gress, they don't appear in the "Trees" view.

History of the Alsace-Ukraine-North Dakota Migration.


Landau, Ukraine Town Plan

Elsass/Alsace History.  The history of the Germany/France border region from which our ethnic German ancestors came from.

Herman and Dorothea.  An epic poem by Goethe.   Provides powerful insight into life on the West side of the Rhine (the French side) for ethnic Germans during the general period of the French revolution.   Not for the casual reader.

History of the Rhine-Palatinate.  Most of the Germans that migrated to Ukraine came from the Alsace and Rhine-Palatinate regions.  The Rhine-Palatinate was a region on the West side of Germany and roughly central.  If you were looking at a map of Germany, think of it as Frankfurt and the area to the West.  Intermarriage, both before and after the move to Ukraine, make this region significant.

Motherload of Gress's from Germany infoSelect database at the bottom of the page to get to the family names.

Rhineland-Pfalz resources.  This is mostly a collection of genealogical resources associated with the Rhineland-Pfalz region.  Near as I can tell, Rhineland-Pfalz is pretty much synonymous with Rhine-Palatinate.