Rochus, the good looking lad at upper-left is my GGrandfather.

Like all Genealogical efforts, this is a work in progress.  I encourage you to poke around the Family Tree a bit to get a feel for the different views that are available.  Within the tree, clicking on Index will show a list of names so you can go right to the person you seek.  Clicking on Tree will show you the Tree View which best shows family structure.  If you click on a person you will see their family page.  There are some photos included, and more will get added as time goes by.

If you see errors holler.  If you have information or photos that could be included, I'd welcome your help. 

Getting all the family tree information.  If you have genealogical software, you can download my family tree database in standard .GED format from the Download area that appears on the main page.  If you are unable to get the file, send me an email ( and I'll find a way to get it to you.  The generic .GED format includes all the names, and personal info, but doesn't include photos.  If you don't yet have genealogical software, I encourage you to click on Family Tree Maker and buy it.  Then you can download the .FTW file, which contains the photos that the .GED file lacks.  Note that the .FTW file is too large for a dial-up Internet connection.

Both the .GED and .FTW files contain a lot of additional names that you will likely prune out.  Both files contain approaching 3000 names, all of which are related to my children, but only some of which are related to you.

The Family Tree's that I've published here are "Descendent Tree's".  So it's a fairly vertical structure of the generations.  Therefore it's not possible to follow the family of, for example, Katherine (Fleck) Gress, because her extended Fleck family is a different family with their own descendent tree.  But like the previous paragraph alluded to, everyone is in the .GED and .FTW database.  My "Gress Family Tree" web pages, for example, only show the descendents of Matthias Gress (1749-?) a ethnic German living in Alsace (Elsass).  Each other family tree is a "descendent" tree that starts with the earliest person that I know of.

Having said that, even though someone might not be a direct descendent, you can still access their information by going to their name in the index or working through the Family Pages associated with each person.

After poking around various ways of trying to include information about these other families, I ended up leaving them in a consolidated database, but publishing separate trees for each family.  If you have any information on Nims, Ehlers, Thress, Palm or Fleck, I'd be grateful for your help.