Track Tales

Tale: WOW!!!! My first Driver's Education Event)

Tale: Taking a spin on Roebling's turn 5

Tale: So I decided to buy a race car.  Enter the Beemer.  I decided that I needed to find a less expensive way to practice this obsession.  And I wanted my solution to have an easy migration path to racing.  In a perfect world I could afford to campaign a Porsche, but I wasn't in paradise, I was in Savannah.  It was the virgin count that tipped me off.


Tale: Racing at last, a big crash, and a DUI

Tale: Face to Face, 75mph backwards.

Tale: I am not a reckless shithead.

Tale: 3 Races, 100mph sideways and death-struggles.

Tale: Race at Road Atlanta 8Aug08 The Death of Fred's Car.

Tale: Race at Road Atlanta 9Aug08 "HEY QUIT THAT".

Tale: Races at CMP 1-3May09. Into the tirewall, a smashed windshield and a dead motor.

Tale: Jun09. The big engine rebuild and "Shit, they're going to have to tow me in AGAIN?"

Tale: Terror and Victory at Road Atlanta, Oct09.