Car Stuff

Track Tales has lots of stories about racing BMWs. Huge fun, somewhat expensive, often terrifying.

Track Stuff has Primers on Performance Driving and Competition School

SpecE30 Stuff is mostly mechanical in nature, much of it unique to my race class for 1987-1991 BMW 3 series cars.


Daily Driver stories. Each car has it's story of absurd misadventure.  The dearly loved Saab Rocket met it's end in a spinning crash on lake Autobahn at approx 100mph.  I whacked Beemer2 right into the Commanding General and his wife, the Porsche 911 was just no end of problems....and for what?  Crazy thing didn't get me a single solitary date.  Only the Porsche Speedster hasn't yet got my arse in a  crack.  But then it's only been a couple months.

The stories that are in the best shape here are the last two.  Working on the others.