Bought this replica '57 Porsche 356SC Speedster in July01.  The SC was a limited edition racing model noted for it's flared fender wells.  It is built on a custom racing frame with a air-cooled VW drive train.  It came with dual Webers on a 1600CC motor.  Call it 70hp.  That doesn't seem like much, but the car doesn't weigh much either.  Probably around 1200lb.  So 70hp would translate to ~200hp for a car of normal weight.  Which of course didn't seem like much. 

So I had a new motor put in.  50% larger at 2.4L.  So then I had around 120hp.  Which for a normal car's weight would be ~300hp.  Didn't see like much either.

So I started thinking (frequently a mistake).  I have a 50% bigger motor trying to breath through the same intake/exhaust manifolds and carbs as it's little predesessor.  That can't be right.  That just doesn't seem American somehow, I thought. So back to the shop the car went.  That was 11Aug01.  

A couple weeks later, it struck me that if I'm upgrading both manifolds and the carburators all in one fell swoop, I might as well have them put a turbo on it.  So a turbo shopping I went.

As of 23May03, the car remains in the shop.  Oops.  I guess I went a bridge too far.

It's at the second shop now.  And after no one could get the big new carbs to cooperate with the turbo, we went to fuel injection.  But I guess that had it's puzzles too.  I call the shop every week to try to inspire them a little, but my success has been, ahem, limited.  

21 months in the shop.  Sheeze.











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