The '71 Porsche 911T

Bought this in LA in'94.  Had been parked in a garage for 5 yrs so previous owner owed a couple grand in back registration.  Got out of that because Georgia doesn't have a VAT tax for out of state military personnel <heehee>.

Was darn pretty but needed work on a lot of odds and ends, first and foremost was a busted spar for the targa roof.  God what a pain that was.  The weird aluminum couldn't be welded and I must have epoxied it up a dozen times before it finally held.  Even then, the car was at best, only water resistant.  Was my daily driver for a year.  At one point I had 2" of rain water on the floorboards washing about my ankles :(

The drive from LA to Georgia was godawful.  Didn't realize at the time but the front wheel alignment was so bad that I left 2 black stripes of rubber, all 3000 miles of that trip.

The wind-noise on that trip, from the ill-fitting targa roof was not good.  Roof on, roof off, it didn't matter.  It was loud.  By the time the sun went down and I was looking for a rack for the night I was pretty much deafened.  And since my hearing was (and is) lousy on my best day, when I say I was deaf, it truly means deaf as a board.  

Even after getting that fixed the tires were a pain.  Crazy rims had no lip so the tires needed tubes.  Who the hell ever heard of modern tires needing tubes.  I mean sheeze-oh-christ.  And the rims fit the tires so tightly that tire machines would scrape off shards of chrome into the tires.  Which would promptly poke holes in the tubes the next day.  I had to put on the spare so many times that I learned to do it in barely a couple minutes.  Sigh.

But, of course, the real intent of the Porsche was dates.  And at failed miserably.  To the best of my knowledge it was responsible for not a single swoon-event.

And just you try to buy parts for an old Porsche.  Holy cow are they expensive.  Just to replace the missing vinyl door pockets, cheap pieces of vinyl that hung from the door interiors...$400 apiece.  Give me a break.  That's more then the turbo unit for the Porsche Speedster cost.  

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